Your Personal Emergency Manager, assisting Subscribers in emergencies by means of managing alerts received from their SmartZecure Cell Phone App, Home and Business Alarms with nationwide Armed Response and Emergency Services Providers to assist you wherever you are in South Africa

was born from the initial original cell phone panic button, SOS HelpME, which has evolved to the unequalled life saving platform, companion & management tool that it is today!

SmartZecure is an established, value-added solutions company with expertise in Security, Risk Managment, Loss Control, Response, Short & Long Term Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail Markets & Industries.

Through the use of our State Of The Art Technology and a wealth of service providers, SmartZecure is able to offer subscribers a comprehensive menu of emergency solution products from a diverse range of service providers and technological expertise.

For Example, just our South African contingent of contracted Armed Responders alone, consist of:

  • 1,500+ Active Response Vehicles
  • 3,600+ Armed Responders
  • 3 Million Kilometres Travelled Each Month
  • 10x Faster Than Traditional Armed Response

The SmartZecure national Call Centers are based in Cape Town & Gauteng and operates 24-hours per day, 7-days a week and 365 days a year, managed by an efficient staff compliment able to assist you when you need real help, really fast, with a vast amount of expertise, a high level of Customer Service and Emergency Response representation throughout South Africa.

Detailed Standard Operation Procedure models are in place, enabling full capability through secure and stable professional software & communication systems as well as highly trained personnel, with YOUR safety in mind and your security at heart.

Our State Of The Art Product Services Include:

  • SmartZecure App for Android & Apple Cell Phone Devices
  • Cell Phone Alert Panic Button
  • Man-Down Alert
  • Evidence Video & Audio
  • Emergency Contacts Alert
  • Armed Response On Demand
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Mayday Medical
  • In-Area Emergency Update
  • Wearable Independent Remote Panic Buttons (optional)

All services are available nationally, anywhere you are in South Africa (T’c & C’s Apply)