About SmartZecure

SmartZecure  Emergency Mangement Solutions &
Risk Management Consultants

SmartZecure is the Industry Leader in Emergency Management Solutions, Emergency Response & Support to individuals, families and businesses. 

SmartZecure delivers its subscription based services by means of an App on cell phones, GSM Radio Devices connected to Home & Business Alarms, as well as specifically designed SmartZecure independent Remote Panic Buttons.

CEO, Francois Erasmus, heads up SmartZecure with extensive career qualifications & experience ranging from a Permanent Force member & Instructor of the SANDF, to holding various high ranking positions within the Security Guarding, Risk Management, Loss Control, Electronic Security, Armed Response, SHEQ, Cellular & IT as well as Sales and Retail industries before establishing SmartZecure as an unique Emergency Response Service that no household in South Africa should go without.

Featured on the ever popular KykNet television show, Ontbytsake – hosted by Dawie Roodt – aired during April 2017,  Francois explains exactly how effective the original system had operated, which has now been developed into a newly evolved version of  this must-have Security and Emergency Services Solution, including a host of services, available nationally as part of the monthly subscription costs.  

Services are available anywhere in South Africa – at Work, at Home, at Play – by the simple pressing of one of the various panic alert buttons on your phone or remote panic button.  The alert is sent via your cellular network data to our national Call Center.  Armed Responders are immediately dispatched automatically while the Call Center Operator call the respective subscriber and who takes over as the Crisis Manager and activate the other emergency services, if required, for the specific emergency via the host of national service providers to SmartZecure.

As Risk Management Consultant, Francois is also more than able and capable to conduct in-depth audits pertaining to Risk, Loss control as well as Safety, Health, Environment & Quality related matters at / for any business within South Africa, including Industrial / Factory plants, Retail, Residential Estates & Complexes as well as Golf Estates.