Armed Response

Smart Zecure On Demand Armed Response

Armed Response, anywhere you are in South Africa. 

Whether you are at home, on holiday, at work, or on the road our Armed Responders will attend to your panic signal no matter where you are in South Africa.

Once your Panic / ALERT button is pressed, a signal is sent immediately to our Control Center and at the same time our system will automatically locate the Responder nearest to you and automatically dispatch the Responder to you immediately, as well.

This makes the response to you extremely faster than the traditional response methods, as this process cuts out the time spent by the Controller to first phone you and then to inform the Responder, to respond.

As soon as your Alert signal is received, a notification will also be sent to your cellphone by means of either a SMS message or an in-app push notification message to confirm that your alert signal was received and that help is on the way.

Our Control Room will also call you to discuss your emergency and attempt to resolve the emergency from there according to our SOP’s.