• How secure is this site - I do ot want my personal information be shared?

    This site is SSL Enabled.

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. … To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate. which SmartZecure has.

  • What is SmartZecure?

    SmartZecure is a breakthrough in Security Response & Emergency Response Support.

    It consists of a revolutionary cell phone App can be downloaded on any Android & Apple Smart Cell Phone that uses its own sim card.

    The Panic Alert button is linked to the SmartZecure National Emergency Call Center.

  • How do I use the SmartZecure Panic Button?

    Download the App after you have received a SMS from SmartZecure with the download link.  Follow the instructions, complete the info required and install the App.  You can press the Alert Button in the App, or use other buttons of you phone to activate the Panic Alert.  See the “services tab” for more information.

    Within seconds of pressing your Panic Alert, we will receive your location at our Call Center, as well as with the closest Armed Responder and one of our highly skilled Crisis Managers will call you back to determine your emergency.

    State your emergency and your Crisis Manager will take care of the rest!

  • What happens if I cannot answer the phone when the Call Center phones me?

    The Crisis Manager calling you will dispatch an emergency reaction unit to the location received from your phone’s panic signal in order to render assistance to you.

    The Crisis Manager will also contact your family / emergency contacts that you supplied to us upon your original registration to determine whether they have knowledge of your situation.

  • Which Emergency Services are available when I press my panic?

    • Immediate Telephonic Panic Assistance by trained and skilled Crisis Managers
    • Armed Response Assistance – anywhere in S.A.
    • Mayday Medical
    • Roadside Mayday
    • Home & Business Alarm Monitoring & Armed Response
    • Neighbourhood Watch Mayday
    • Video & Audio Evidence sent from your phone camera & mic to our Call Center

    Please visit our website page “Services” For full disclosure of services, benefits, terms & conditions

  • Where Can I Use My SmartZecure Panic Button?

    The SmartZecure Panic Button can be used whether you are at home, on holiday or travelling on business – Anywhere in South Africa as long as you have cellular data available on your cell phone.

    It does NOT restrict you to only your home or normal place/town of residence.

  • Who Can Use the SmartZecure?

    Individuals, Families and Businesses.

    Companies can offer SmartZecure as a staff benefit to their employees.

    Companies can also promote the SmartZecure App, products, services & benefits to its current and future customers in order to gain market share and to earn additional monthly recurring revenue.

  • How Do I Obtain Emergency Help When I am In An Emergency?

    SImply press your SmartZecure App Panic Alert Button and our call center will phone you and take care of the rest!

  • How Many Family Members May A Family Sign Up?

    Any amount of DIRECT family members of the same household may sign up along with the Main Member, which allows one spouse and their children under the age of 25 to receive the services according to the respective pricing plan.

    There is no general limit, but an average family usually consists of a husband, wife and approximately 4 children.

  • Can An Adult Principal Member Sign Up His/Her Adult Parents As Family Add-On's?

    No.  In the event of an Adult Parent, he/she will have to be signed up as a Principal Member as well.

    Special Rates are, however, available in such instances, but not at the normal family add-on rates.

  • Do You Dispatch An Armed Response?

    SmartZecure will dispatch the closest partner Armed Responder to you at your location when you activate your Panic Alert signal from your SmartZecure App.

  • Do I Have To Pay The Emergency Response Unit When They Are Dispatched To Me?

    No.  SmartZecure covers the costs (as per the terms & conditions of each category – see website page “Services” for full disclosure) of the emergency assistance dispatched to you.

    You will only be responsible for any costs that are outside of the specified benefits and any additional arrangements that you make with the dispatched emergency assist unit outside of what the SmartZecure policy covers you for.

  • Should I Test My SmartZecure App Panic Alert?

    Yes.  Upon completion of registration you will install your SmartZecure App and you are to test it as soon as you have loaded it as a contact to ensure that it works properly. You should test it at least twice per month to become used to using it as to create a subconscious habit to press it should you be in an emergency of whatever nature.

  • How Do I Register?

    You can register online by completing the website subscription form and paying Online with your preferred bank card, or you may conduct an EFT to the banking details supplied after which your App will be registered and ready for download within 24-hours after us having received your payment.

    Proof of EFT Payments are to be emailed to info@smartzecure.co.za as soon as possible in order to expedite the final registration processes.

    You may also register by means of requesting a .pdf format registration form by emailing us this request to info@smartzecure.co.za, completing the form and sending it back to us via email or fax as per the details contained on the manual registration form.

  • Can Children Use the SmartZecure Intelligent Panic Button?

    Absolutely! SmartZecure is childsplay!

    If they can press a button on a phone, they can access emergency help at the press of the SmartZecure App Panic Alert button.

  • In Which Language Will The Call Center Communicate With Me?

    Operators generally speak either English or Afrikaans.

  • What Are The Costs Involved To Have SmartZecure?

    The main (Principal) member Smart Standard Plan cost is R79 per month, Vat Inclusive. The Smart Plus cost is R179 per month, Vat Inclusive.  You may add your Home Alarm for Monitoring & Armed Response at an Additional R100 per month, or your Business at an Additional R150 per month, Vat Inclusive.

    The Principal Member pays a once-off Registration Admin Fee of R20 (once only upon initial registration).

    Spouse and children under 25 (or students at college or university) may be added at an additional sliding scale rate, per month, per additional cell phone registered (see our Subscription Tab for more info).

  • How Do I Pay My Monthly Subscription?

    All initial registration fees are to be paid upfront by means of EFT, Direct Bank Cash Deposit (please note that there is an additional R40 charge for all direct bank cash deposits made into the SmartZecure bank account) or you may pay directly on our website, online with your preferred bank card.

    Thereafter, a recurring monthly EFT can be loaded by yourself on your online banking profile in order to execute payments monthly from your account directly to SmartZecure, or you may opt to pay upon a monthly invoice from SmartZecure.

    Direct Cash Deposits may also be made monthly (keeping in mind the additional R40 charge to you in such an event)

    A Stop Order can be initiated and implemented by yourself by going to your bank and arranging the Stop Order from your bank account to the SmartZecure bank account.

  • When Does My SOS-HelpMe Subscription Lapse / Terminate?

    Your subscription is for a period of 12 months (one year) and may terminate upon the anniversary of your initial agreement date by means of giving us 21 days written notice in advance, prior to the lapse of your 12 month subscription contract. Failing will result in an automatic annual renewal of another 12 months.

    Should you miss/skip a payment to SmartZecure, you will not be able to use your App and Panic Alert with its services and benefits, until such time as you have rectified the skipped payment by means of paying SmartZecure for that month’s subscription and sending us the proof of payment.

  • Are Busses, Trucks and Larger Vehicles Covered Under The Roadside & Accident Assist Cover?

    No.  Only vehicles smaller than 3500kg are covered under this policy according to the terms & conditions associated with this category.

  • Are Public Transport Taxi's (Mini Busses) Covered Under The Roadside & Accident Assist Cover?


  • How Many Vehicles Are Covered Per Family Under The Roadside Cover?

    Only 1 (one) vehicle is covered per Smart Plus subscription.

  • How Will I Receive My SmartZecure App?

    The link will be sent to your registered cell phone by means of a SMS from our Registration Center.

  • How Do I Program The SmartZecure App on my My Cell Phone?

    Follow the instructions supplied with the SMS which will guide you through the process on your registered cell phone.