Mayday Medical

Smart Zecure Mayday Medical

We provide 24-hour Mayday Emergency Medical Rescue Services for unforseen medical emergencies that occur in the car, at home, at work or on holiday, which is activated by means of pressing your Smart Zecure ALERT button.

We will arrange and pay for your emergency medical transportation. 

Spouse and children are covered at no extra cost and the service is available in South Africa, Swaziland & Lesotho.

The service includes emergency evacuation and transfer to the most suitable medical facility with a refundable hospital admission deposit to the maximum of R5000.


  • emergency evacuation
  • medical hotline with 24-hour information, referral and advice
  • guaranteed hospital admission deposit (refundable up to R5000)
  • relocation after treatment
  • liaison with next-of-kin to keep them informed
  • travelling companions for stranded minors
  • repatriation of mortal remains
  • hazardous chemicals and poisons information