Panic Alert

Smart Zecure provides you with 24-hour access to real help, when you really need it most, to get you Safe and Secured in no time.

Smart Zecure is a breakthrough in emergency support.
We provide access to a host of emergency services at the press of only ONE button.
You press the button and we’ll do the rest!

With Smart Zecure, you will never be alone in an emergency.
When encountering an emergency, WE take charge  

Press your ALERT button – standard on our SmartZecure App – and our highly skilled Operators will immediately receive your Alert & Location at our Control Center (accross any cell phone network) who will call you back and help you through your emergency situation.

Your SmartZecure Alert/Panic can also be activated, without having to open the App to press the App ALERT button, in various ways, depending on your phone device, make & operating software version. 

Either press your Volume Up, or Volume Down, or Power Button or Screen Button on your cell phone 4 times quickly, or hold the button in for a few seconds.  You can also shake your phone (according to your own pre-selected App settings) which will cause your ALERT to be activated and sent to our Control Center immediately.

Should we not be able to make contact with you upon receiving your panic activation, we will track your device signal and send our closest Emergency Responders to your device location.

You have the option of choosing between a Deterrent or Discreet Alert confirmation made by your phone when the Alert button has been pressed and this can be selected and adapted to your liking  during the App setup phase.