Smart Zecure Alert App

The SmartZecure App comes standard with an Alert (Panic) Button on the App, which not only sends the Call Center your Emergency Alert Signal when activated, but also your immediate location. 

Depending on which Smart Phone you use, the Alert Signal can be activated on the App itself, by shaking your cell phone, or by pressing one of the volume keys fast a few times.  Some devices also allows the center screen button to be pressed for activation of the Alert Signal.

The closest Armed Responder to your location, as well as the SmartZecure Call Center, immediately receives your Alert Signal and device location upon activation of your Alert and the Responder will immediately proceed to your location, whether you are at home, work, vacation or on the road – anywhere in South Africa.

Should your emergency relate to a medical or road assistance situation, the Call Center Crisis Manager will dispatch the relevant Mayday Medical or Roadside Assistance Responder to your location. The closest Armed Responder may also be dispatched to stand by you while you await the Medical or Roadside Responders.

Your App will activate the pre-selected front or rear camera of your phone device and record video and audio of what transpires when you press your Alert and send the footage to our Call Center immediately.  The Crisis Manager will view the footage in order to determine which additional information needs to be relayed to the Armed Responder, as well as to identify which additional Emergency Response to dispatch to you according to your emergency.  This may include the SA Police Services, your Neighbourhood Watch patrollers, etc.

The SmartZecure App further has several additional features, such as Journey notifications, Meeting notifications and a reporting function which allows you to send photographs and details of various incidents directly to our Call Center.