Smart Zecure App

SmartZecure offers our unique SmartZecure App which can be programmed on any (sim operated) Android or Apple smart phone, or tablet. 

The Smart Zecure App hosts the following unique features:

  • Journey allows you to set a start and end point for travelling. The App then automatically monitors your journey and alerts your nominated contacts and the Control Center once you have safely arrived. 
  • Meeting allows you to feel safe when going into a potentially dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task. A user set timer will countdown until deactivated, meaning the user has to mark themselves as safe, otherwise it will be raising an alert.
  • Report allows you to send detailed information to the Control Center by means of selecting the type of report / action witnessed (accident, bullying, bad weather) and adding some text detail and sending it with a click of a button on your cell phone.
  • Recognition enables you to load a picture of yourself, which will register on the Control Center Monitoring System and be available to assist responders to find you.
  • Man Down alert can be activated on your App by you, which will send an alert to the Control Center if it detects you have fallen down.